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Finials & Holdbacks


Finials & AccessoriesBush End finialBishops Crook finialSpiked Basket finialCross finialSteers Horn finialSpear Head finialBasket & Ball finialBall & Collar finialShepherds Crook finialCage & Ball finialTwisted Vine finialCrook finialCrook holdbackSteers Horn holdbackBall & Collar holdbackShepherds Crook holdbackBush End holdbackCross holdbackCage & Ball holdbackBishops Crook holdbackSpear Head holdbackTwisted Vine holdback

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Finials & Holdbacks

Finials are the decorative ends that fix onto the curtain poles. They add the finishing flourish to the pole, but also serve to stop the curtains from sliding off the ends. They fix onto the poles with a grub screw and can be removed and reattached at any time.

Finials can be chosen when making up your online order or when submitting a bay pole enquiry. They are optional, but it is advisable to have something on the pole ends even if you do not choose our finials.

Holdbacks are the optional wall fixed brackets that will gather back the drawn curtains for a neater finish, or to keep drawn curtains off the windows to let in more light.

Decorative Finial Ends and Curtain Holdbacks are sold separately from the Curtain Pole Packs. They are also sold singly to allow total flexibility when making up your curtain pole order. Click on the appropriate image above to browse or buy. Prices and sizes are given for each finial and holdback.

Standard Curtain Poles

Standard straight curtain poles can be bought as Pole Packs, containing all the pole, brackets, rings and fixings you need in one box - also available without curtain rings if you don't need them. Bay Window Curtain Poles are available separately and are custom made to fit from your measurements. Please refer to the Bay Windows page for comprehensive information.

Custom Poles

Pole and accessories can now be purchased individually to make up a custom straight pole order to suit your individual requirements.


All curtain pole products are available in a choice of Matt Black or clear coated Polished Steel, which gives a pewter-like finish. The Matt Black is painted or powder coated to give a uniform finish whereas the Polished Steel is the actual surface colour of the metal, buffed and clear coated. Please note that pictures may not exactly match the final product colour and that colour and finish variations are possible due to the natural patinas of the steel.


Check items individually for finial and accessory dimensions. Curtain pole is availble in 16mm and 25mm diameters. Due to their hand made nature, product dimensions are approximate. If sizes are critical please state this when ordering.

Bush End-stop Crook holdback Steers Horn holdback Ball & Collar holdback Shepherds Crook holdback Basket Swag holdback Cross holdback Cage & Ball holdback Bishops Crook holdback Spear Head holdback Twisted Vine holdback Basket & Ball finial Bishops Crook finial Spiked Basket Cross finial Steers Horn finial Spear Head finial Crook finial Twisted Vine finial Cage & Ball finial Shepherds Crook finial Ball & Collar finial





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